Thursday, March 22, 2012

Racist, homophobic graphic of Obama rocks NC marriage equality fight

Last week when President Obama voiced opposition to the upcoming North Carolina referendum vote which would ban marriage equality in the state, several groups supporting this referendum voiced their displeasure.

However, the prize for bad taste and lack of subtlety goes to the Meck Deck, an official blog of the conservative John Locke Foundation for the following image which should lead decent people speechless:

The graphic, which has since been taken down, accompanied a piece which claimed that Obama was "pandering for votes." My guess is that the author was implying that Obama was offering fried chicken to African-Americans and sex to gays The awful mess was written by Tara Servatius, former right-wing radio commentator for Charlotte's WBT AM, and a former regular contributor to Meck Deck.

I say former regular contributor because she abruptly resigned. According to Pam's House Blend, John Hood, president of the John Lock Foundation sent out a press release claiming that Servatius was merely a freelance writer. He also said that he was embarrassed and angered over the incident.

'Bigots pull 'Nazi card' against GLAAD' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Liberty Counsel member and resident anti-gay pundit Matt Barber (seen here not looking very happy - draw your own conclusions) once said:

"It's often said that the first to call the other a Nazi has lost the argument."

With that in mind, let's take a look at two honorary members of Barber's list of argument losers:

AFA's Bryan Fischer:

Linda Harvey:

"Recognize this? Hate branding, focusing on Jews, succeeded in branding them as the “enemy” in public opinion in Nazi Germany. It’s the method used today by Islamic radicals who spread ludicrous fables about Jews in many mosques."

The irony is that Harvey didn't even make GLAAD's list (jealous much, Linda?). However thanks to statements like the one above, her organization, Mission America did make Southern Poverty Law Center's list of anti-gay hate groups.

Gary Bauer latest to acknowledge #glaadcap inclusion, latest to decontextualize phrase 'free speech' - And then there is anti-gay pundit Gary Bauer. While he doesn't pull the Nazi references (give him time,) he does whine about free speech. Check out his list of homophobic statements:

- Pushes inaccurate science: "More importantly, however, the government has an obligation to promote public policy that is best for the general welfare and to discriminate against behaviors that adversely impact society and public health. Tobacco use is heavily regulated by the state and smoking is strongly discouraged. A major study conducted by Oxford University demonstrated that homosexual conduct is three times more deadly than smoking. Homosexual behavior is fraught with adverse health affects. (sic) Again, this is not opinion, but documented medical fact."  (*The researchers behind that Oxford study, conducted at the height of the AIDS crisis, have condemned the way folks like Bauer have twisted their findings)

- Chose the Obama Administration's choice to simply invite gay-headed families to the annual White House Easter Roll as one of the "100 Mistakes, Misstatements and Missteps in Obama’s First 100 Days"

- "Ex-gay" advocacy: "Story after story calls for everything from new hate crimes laws, to same-sex marriage, to pro-homosexual education policies. But policies like these would only compound the tragedy of homosexuality."

Like I said, guys. Own your statements or apologize for them. This censorship whine is old.

In other news:

Michael Heath Returns To Maine - Bad for the religious right. Good for us.

FAMiLY Leader: Gay Behavior Is ‘Personally Harmful And Societally Harmful’ - And naturally, he is offended that a child living in same-sex household has been invited to speak at an area college. After all, these children are not supposed be acknowledged (snark).

State Department Condemns Nobel Prize Winner’s Anti-Gay Remarks - Good for the State Department!

FRC says Kirk Cameron 'simply disagreed' on marriage, on par with Obama; is lying - For one thing, President Obama never called homosexuality destructive. And I have to say this - for someone claiming that they are being "silenced," Cameron seems to be running to every media outlet. I mean actual Christian martyrs showed more dignity at the time of their deaths than THIS bozo.

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NOM vs. Starbucks - no contest

After suffering the embarrassment yesterday in New Hampshire, the National Organization for Marriage seems to be careening to another one. The group is now taking on the company Starbucks. From NOM President Brian Brown:

Dear Marriage Supporter,

We are urging consumers across the globe to "Dump Starbucks" because the massive international corporation has taken a corporate-wide position that marriage between one man and one woman should be eliminated and that same-sex marriage should become the norm.

I emphasized that part of Brown's statement to demonstrate how much of a lie it is. Starbucks recently chose to endorse marriage equality in Washington State. At no time did Starbucks say anything about wanting "one man and one woman marriage" to be eliminated.

In stark contrast to Brown's accusatory tone, Starbucks has been very concise and cordial in explaining its position. Witness the following Q&;A between Starbuck CEO Howard Shultz and a NOM representative at the company's shareholder meeting yesterday:

And when asked pretty much the same thing by another NOMbie:

According to Jeremy Hooper, this is what we need to know about that second gentleman:

Tom Strobar is President of Citizen Action now ( and author of the first shareholder resolution against child pornography, religious bigotry, fetal tissue research, abortifacient drugs and domestic partner benefits. Strobhar is the author of numerous articles on pro-life and pro-family business matters, including the only pro-life shareholder resolutions to appear on corporate ballots in 1991 through 2005. Strobhar has served as chairman of Life Decisions International ( and has been a Board member of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants. A graduate of Columbia University, Mr. Strobhar has the dubious distinction of being described in Pat Buchannan’s newsletter as “a one man wrecking crew.” Glamour magazine described him as “The Financier,” “a major Washington power player,” and a “financial whiz.” SOURCE:
Strobhar was also involved in the AFA's Ford Boycott back in 2006.

Well I feel like getting some coffee. Starbucks anyone?

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