Tuesday, February 05, 2013

'Kanye West called 'half a f@g' in blistering homophobic attack' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Duff Goldman, 'Ace Of Cakes' Chef, Offers To Bake Rejected Lesbian Couple's Wedding Cake For Free - In a followup to yesterday's post about a lesbian couple discriminated against for only seeking a wedding cake comes a happy ending.  

Kanye West Blasted As 'Half A Fag,' 'Pioneer Of Queer Sh*t' On New Lord Jamar Track - Kanye West isn't necessarily one of my favorite people but this ridiculous rant by a rapper who chooses to attack him opens a window to the world of what the gay black male has to deal with. Apparently a lot of the homophobia from within the black community comes at us because some folks feel that they are the arbiters of just what encompasses a "suitable black man," i.e. made of stone, not showing emotions, and being a picture of masculinity as improbable to sustain as a Barbie doll's figure is for a woman. I think in Lord Jamar's tribute, I will do some Bette Davis interpretations.  

Boy Scout memo: legal challenges, pressure from churches cited in policy change - Maybe, just maybe the Boy Scouts aren't pulling our legs with its possible decision to change its anti-gay policy. 

 Matt Barber, as mature and measured as ever - Dear American Christians. This is reason one through five why you are losing popularity.  

Transgender woman settles lawsuit with Boston over treatment during 2010 arrest - And I hope the girlfriend got PAID!

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b-chica said...

Yay Duff! Duff is the coolest person to ever have a cake-based TV show!