Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'NOM-bought black pastor group working hard for the money' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Same old, same old anti-gay bigotry from NOM-bought black pastor shell group - William Owens and his wife have to earn their $40,000 from NOM somehow.

Video: Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) says gays have 'disordered relationships' - Oh brother. Here we go again. Why, if lgbts are bullies, are our relationships constantly attacked. What is this? The zillionth time? Okay forgive me for being snarky, but girlfriend's wig/weave is a bit more disordered than any gay relationship I've ever seen.

Fox’s O’Reilly Backtracks After Accusing Gay Colorado Lawmaker Of Protecting Child Molesters - O'Reilly's explanation for his slander and harassment are just as bad as his journalistic skills.

 Obama Evolves Even Further, Denies That State Marriage Bans Are Constitutional - Okay, all of the Larry Kramer wannabes hush up (for at least three minutes) and let the man slowly stick his head out of the turtle shell.

Gay College Student Made to Drink Holy Water to Be Cured of Homosexuality - Let me guess . . . it didn't work.

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