Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'Possible DOMA ruling looks good for lgbt community' and other Wednesday midday news briefs'

 Well I caught it just in time. The talk for now according to @SCOTUSblog is good. There is an 80% chance that DOMA will be struck down.  Justice Kennedy thinks it violates states' rights while four other justices see it as a case of lgbt rights. I will take that. Like I said yesterday with Prop 8, this news is EARLY, so no dances yet. Or at least no tootsie rolls or "dropping it like it's hot" until June! See @SCOTUSblog for more details.

  Bill O'Reilly: Gay Marriage Foes Can Only 'Thump The Bible' In Their Arguments (VIDEO) - Suddenly things get really spooky. Oh well, I guess not. It's rather a good thing when you can convince someone, no matter who it is, with your argument.

  Today's pro-discrimination march - Oh brother. NOM left. The Westboro Baptist Church stayed. 

Anti-Marriage Equality Bishop: ‘Sexual Abuse Does Not Happen’ In Straight Marriages - No offense to my brothers and sisters in heterosexual marriages but OH BROTHER!!

 Kansas bill calls for HIV positive people to be quarantined - What the @!$%?  

Five Lessons I’ve Learned as a Black Christian LGBT Ally - An exceptional piece from a good friend of mine, Minister Gerald Palmer.

  Tennessee “Don’t Say Gay” bill dies, again - And good riddance!

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Anonymous said...

Of course all Bishop Jackson’s theories rely solely on the idiotic assumption that gay marriage will somehow make straight marriage obsolete. When he says America needs to "promote heterosexual marriage" what else can one assume but the implied addendum "to make it more desirable than homosexual marriage" because, y' know, it's such a tough choice for so many Americans.