Thursday, April 18, 2013

'Desperate homophobes resorting to nasty graphics, violence in face of progress' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Want to know what 'Christian' group and leader is sharing this foul and very inaccurate graphic? Why the Illinois Family Institute.

In other news:

French President Condemns Surge Of Homophobic Violence - As they move closer to passing marriage equality laws in France, homophobes are getting more and more violent and suddenly NOM is nowhere to be seen. I wonder why because Brian Brown and the group were all 'Viva La France' a little while ago. 

French Anti-Gay Protests Turn Violent - More on the violence in France.
 Gay Catholic High School Teacher Fired After Partner's Name Appears in Mother's Obituary: VIDEO - The word which comes to mind to describe this school's behavior is "tacky!"

Washington McDonald's Supports Transgender Rights With Bathroom Message - A decent act always shines through the darkness.

Rick Scarborough: Christians Will Be Persecuted and Imprisoned if SCOTUS Legalizes Gay Marriage - Wasn't this supposed to happen with lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation?


Eddie's Father said...

If the backwards "people" behind this crap couldn't first put on the costume of "victim", they'd have no standing and would be seen as the mean-spirited and selfish people they are. We've been in control for centuries, how dare you take away our power and control! wah wah

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Several things...
The graphic is nasty. So are they.

I hope we do not see anything like the violence in France. We have been told and read the Pledge of civil disobedience when equality comes to America and those words could inspire some nut to act on them, maybe hurting someone.

As for the teacher...well...
She lives in Ohio. They do NOT like us at all. It is a Catholic school. They do NOT like us either.
It's not as if she did not know something would happen when they found out she is a lesbian.
I suggest she and her partner MOVE. Maryland is heaven for LGBT people compared to Ohio. Find a nice job in the public schools.

Things are coming to a head and may get very ugly before and right after SCOTUS rules. They know they are losing. They have used everything they can to make us look bad. Now they are resorting to violence and all that is doing is making them look worse.

Does anyone truely believe SCOTUS will rule for continued discrimination? They may rule it needs more debate but that will only delay the truth.
Look at how many countries that just won equal marriage in the last 2 weeks! Not to mention the ones that already have it and/or are talking about it.
We look like hypocrites telling others how to treat their LGBT people when we are not much better off in much of the country.
We should be equal to the rest of the population yet our jobs and homes are under threat with no protections.

They have not seen pissed off yet.
The backlash from the Right is nothing to the backlash from the LGBTA population. One day of every LGBTA person in the country staying home and no spending would be a start. I don't think this country has a clue, or us for that matter, of how many and where we all are.
One "Pink Flu" day and the country would grind to a halt.