Wednesday, April 03, 2013

'Rutgers coach fired after attacking players and screaming homophobic slurs' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Rutgers Basketball Coach Fired For Physical, Verbal Player Abuse, Homophobia - Simply a NASTY situation. 

 Brian Brown Encourages Hate Groups To Be More Anti-Gay Than NOM - Our former president, George Bush, called this "strategery." Or did Will Ferrell? Seriously the hope seems to be that if anti-gay groups are more rabid then NOM would seem more moderate and congenial. Knowing the country's media, this could work.  

John Kavanagh, Arizona State Representative, Defends Transgender Bathroom Bill - This bill is SUCH a waste of time and energy. All it does is beat our transgender brothers and sisters up with awful stereotypes.  

O'Reilly Says It's "Accurate And Honest" To Call Marriage Equality Opponents Bible Thumpers - This is true, but Bill O'Reilly? Defending us? Stop the world. I want to jump off. 

 NOM's latest hero: Father who doesn't care to dance at son's wedding - Good Lord, NOM? Who's the next hero going to be? Alan Keyes because he cut off all contact with his lesbian daughter?  

Keyes: Gay Marriage Violates the Declaration of Independence - Speaking of which. My gosh, first Ben Carson and now THIS guy. Is there any African-American conservatives out there with even a modicum of sanity?

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