Tuesday, May 14, 2013

'Family Research Council attacks gay adoption with discredited study' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Perkins Cites Debunked Study to Warn of 'Serious Risks' of Gay Adoption - such is the goal of the Family Research Council and several other religious right groups. When something they cite is discredited, they continue to cite it anyway. If they can't win with truth (which they can't), they hope to beat us down with repetition. 

Marriage Equality Opponents Mourn ‘Sad Day’ In Minnesota - Speak for yourself, guys. It's a happy day where I stand.  

Todd Starnes' 5 Fake "Culture Wars" - Looks like junior high lesbian kisses isn't the only thing Fox News' Todd Starnes has been deceptive about.  

Video: Illinois' top anti-equality group rallies by saying gays have 'deviant sexual lifestyle', are 'offense to nature and nature's God' - There they go again talking about "gay sex." 

Shocking Audio: NOM’s Comm. Director calls equality advocates ‘the forces of evil’- Please. If I was a force of evil, I would be better dressed. Something in black leather and boots with a nice headdress or maybe a hairstyle like the Vulcan priestess T'Pau in that episode of Star Trek.  

There Is Nothing Matt Barber Won’t Lie About - No.

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