Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marriage equality 'is awful' is a not a good answer

From Right Wing Watch:

KSFY in Sioux Falls took on the debate about legalizing same-sex marriage in South Dakota yesterday by airing a report on how Iowans are faring under that state’s four-year-old marriage equality law. The station, in an attempt to hear both sides of the issue, interviewed an Iowa married couple, John Sellers and Tom Helten, and the state’s leading anti-gay activist, Bob Vander Plaats, who is trying to get the law overturned.

Sellers and Helten explain why they support marriage equality. Plaats explains why he doesn't. It's not even a long debate, but it answers a multitude of questions, specifically the one asking can those who oppose marriage equality list any reason that's not religious-based.

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BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

This is why the SCOTUS can't rule for continued discrimination. There is only one bad reason based on Christian morals.
It was noted in the argument that DOMA was based on a moral decision and not on facts. We have facts, science, and a majority of Americans who believe in the need to treat us equally.
I can't wait until the end of June.