Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Anti-gay spokesman claims Army being overrun by 'hyermasculine homosexuals'' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Bryan Fischer, Anti-Gay Spokesperson, Claims Army Overrun By 'Hypermasculine Homosexuals'- Wishful thinking on the part of Fischer probably right before his other wish to re-enlist. 
And now Maggie Gallagher is defending 'ex-gay' therapy - No more pretense or lies from Gallagher on this one. So much for "unfairly being labeled as a bigot."  

STUDY: Kids Are Impacted By Their Parents’ Relationship, Not Their Sexual Orientation - Yet another study contradicts anti-gay mess about same-sex households and children.  

Eric Ohena Lembembe, Gay Rights Activist, Tortured And Killed - Our lgbt brothers and sisters in rabidly anti-gay countries need our prayers and actions.

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