Thursday, September 05, 2013

'Proposed Russian law will take children away from their gay parents' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Report: Russian Lawmaker Proposes Taking Children From Gay Parents - And why should we be surprised. This is the end result that awful anti-gay law in Russia as well as the end result of spreading anti-gay propaganda. 

FLASHBACK- Remember these sentiments:

Russia's Anti-Gay Law 'Expresses Values We've Been Advocating For Years,' Says Bryan Fischer 

 Harvey: Pray For Russian Law Criminalizing Pro-Gay Rights Speech

Six US Conservative Groups Sign Statement Supporting Russian 'Gay Propaganda' Ban 

In other news:

Gay Veterans' Spouses To Receive Benefits After DOJ Announces It Won't Enforce Marriage Definition - Way to do Obama Administration!  

La. National Guard aligns with Texas, won’t process same-sex spousal benefits - Well that's a "nice" way to treat folks who fight for YOUR freedom.  

Barber & Akers: Christians Are Now The Victims Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Of course this is a lie but that has never stopped the religious right before.

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