Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Religious right can't stop lying about San Antonio ordinance

Oh brother, how many lies can one put into a newscast. Courtesy of the AIDS Ring Man Pat Robertson's 700 Club:

Sounds terrible, doesn't it? Well the only thing terrible is how disappointed I felt that lightning didn't strike every time a lie was told about the San Antonio ordinance.

Equality Matters broke down every lie a while back. And, as if its any surprise, NOTHING in the 700 Club report is accurate:

Fox’s Todd Starnes Will Lie Until The Very End About San Antonio’s Proposed Non-Discrimination Law

“Purposeful Misinformation”: How Right-Wing Media Are Smearing San Antonio’s Proposed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

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Matthew Martin said...

Funny that he claims if you speak out against homosexuality you will go to jail, but yet he is not in jail.