Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sodomy, Values Voters and other Wednesday midday news briefs

LaBarbera: 'It's Almost As If Homosexual Sodomy Was Created To Spread Disease' - Geez, one would think that Porno Pete is obsessed with wondering how gay men have sex.  

Here Are The Anti-LGBT Media Figures Speaking At This Year's Values Voters Summit - The Family Research Council is having its annual "Values Voters Summit," or as normal folks call it, a "Black Sabbath" event which nauseates even the devil. Yes, I said it.  

POLL: Hoosiers believe amending Indiana Constitution is wrong way to address issue of same-sex marriage - Eh, a few commercials and flyers about gays recruiting children and Indiana will "come around."

Washington Blade Covers Upcoming ‘Ex-Gay’ Dinner That Will Feature Tired Retreads - Oh I want to attend this so bad. Why not show them what they are missing. LOL  

Kent Lambert, Colorado Senator: Democrats Use 'Mind Control' To Push Same-Sex Marriage - Who told him! I swear queens cannot keep their mouths shut! Just tell all of our secrets!

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