Wednesday, October 30, 2013

'Top 10 Religious Right lies about ENDA' and other Wednesday afternoon news briefs

Last Three Democrat Holdouts To Support ENDA - There will be a vote on ENDA in the Senate and all the Democrats there support it. But you know what this means . . .

The ENDA is Near: The Top Ten Religious Right Claims About the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (UPDATED) - THIS is what the vote means. As much as you probably don't want to (and I don't blame you, familiarize yourselves with these ludicrous arguments because you will be hearing them soon.  

Yanel Valenzuela, Transgender Woman, Allegedly Barred From LA Fitness Locker Room - It was downright nasty how this young lady was done wrong.  

How Unjust Family Laws Are Keeping LGBT Parents Away From Their Children - Bar none, the scariest thing an LGBT parent will probably ever read.  

Good News: We Can All Stop Worrying About Bullying Now - Pay attention, boys and girls. This is how you use a strawman argument to minimize a huge problem.

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