Tuesday, July 01, 2014

'Gasp and swoon! Are drag queens trying to steal black men?' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

How A South Carolina Lesbian Police Chief Got Her Job Back - The controversy involving Crystal Moore in Latta, SC was not only a victory for lgbts, it demonstrated how stereotypes about small towns aren't always true and in the long run, people believe that fair is fair. Zack Ford of ThinkProgress provides an excellent summary of the entire situation. 

Obama To Sign Executive Order Protecting Transgender Federal Employees - Thank you, President Obama!

 Mat Staver 'deeply saddened' California can still recognize and ban junk 'therapy' - The victory overshadowed by yesterday's Hobby Lobby debacle. The smallest violin in the world weeps for Staver.
Are Drag Queens Trying To Steal Black Women’s Femininity And Take Our Men? - In its own way, Madamenoire magazine exposes the tribulations that lgbts of color face because our community will not discuss sexual orientation, i.e. so-called experts coming out with an inane theory about sexual orientation and folks actually believing the tripe. Remind me to tell you all about the book  a Nation of Islam author wrote about how to "tell if your man is secretly gay." I have posted on it in the past and would do so again but my insurance can no longer cover that many deaths brought about by too much laughing.

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Alan said...

I love a good challenge. Lead me to the Nation of Islam author who wrote about how to "tell if your man is secretly gay."