Monday, July 14, 2014

The new anti-gay argument - marriage equality will lead to incest

Just preparing folks for the newest anti-marriage equality argument that you will most likely hear:

An Australian judge will be investigated for his "appalling" comments on incest, in which he reportedly said sex between siblings was gaining social acceptance just like homosexuality, authorities said on Friday.
New South Wales state Attorney General Brad Hazzard said he was "extremely concerned" about District Court judge Garry Neilson's alleged comments in a case where a man was accused of repeatedly raping his younger sister, which were reported in the Sydney Morning Herald.
"In my view the community would be rightly appalled at his reported comments," Hazzard said in a statement.
"Incest is completely reprehensible, unacceptable, disgusting and criminal." 
Neilson was quoted as saying communities might no longer see sex between siblings as "unnatural" or "taboo", likening a change in mindsets to how homosexuality was now socially accepted despite being criminalised in the past. 

That last sentence (highlighted by me) is what unfortunately connects this awful situation to us. I have already read references to it on many anti-gay sites and more are sure to follow.

Granted, the case has nothing to do with lgbts or our fight or marriage equality, except for in the mind of one foreign judge.

But to a crop of desperate anti-gay groups and spokespeople who have been on the losing end of the marriage equality fight for quite a while now, any case or offhand quote coming from the case is fodder.

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Dr. Shrinker said...

This isn't a new argument. I have been hearing for years that marriage equality "just has to" lead to people marrying relatives/children/animals/corpses/inanimate objects/whatever.

One gets the impression that there are no new arguments to be made against marriage equality, just different people making the same arguments.