Tuesday, August 05, 2014

'How to correct anti-transgender talking points' & other Tues. midday news briefs

Read: Catholic Bishops back tax-subsidized adoption discrimination (*and alienating even more young people, apparently) - You know, maybe if the Catholic Bishops wouldn't spend so much money fighting marriage equality, they wouldn't have to rely on tax dollars for their adoption agencies. Just a suggestion. 

Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Talking Points - This is what I like - simple, easy to remember corrections of anti-transgender arguments.  

They're Gay, They're Christian And They're Celibate! - I'm celibate too . . . but NOT by choice.

LGBT Youth Turn To The Internet For Social Support But Also Find Cyberbullying - This is just terrible! 

Linda Harvey: LGBT-Friendly School Books 'Normalizing Sinful Behavior' - There she goes again . . .

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