Monday, September 22, 2014

THIS is what anti-gay groups want the lgbt community to 'tolerate'

My post this morning on the Human Rights Campaign report, The Export of Hate has generated a lot of positive feedback.

And a good part of it came from the spotlight videos which HRC created to accompany the report on the anti-gay figures who are attempting to spread their homophobia around the globe. I think I know why this is happening. The videos, using footage and exact footage of these anti-gay talking heads, have taken a life of their own because they speak to a serious part of this so-called cultural war.

The continuing mantra of anti-gay spokespeople and groups is that lgbts are basically hypocrites because we supposedly want "tolerance" for our opinions and views but refuse to show tolerance for views that disagree with ours.

That frame of mind is basic semantic garbage carefully crafted to take attention away from the exact words and views of those who oppose our right to equality. While this claim puts the lgbt community on the defense, no one talks about the ugly claims they make about us, our lives, and our lives and how these claims destroy our dignity as human beings.

So by request (because I've had quite a few this morning), I am going to spotlight more videos from HRC's youtube accompaniment to The Export of Hate and with those spotlights, I am going to ask the simple question which I DARE anyone from the other side of the argument to answer:

Why in the hell should the lgbt community tolerate this:

Brian Camenker: 

Janice Shaw Crouse:


Robert Scott Lopez:


Peter LaBarbera: 


 Scott Lively:


To see other videos, go here. 

 To download the report The Export of Hate, click the title

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