Monday, October 27, 2014

'Incident underscores need for talk about homophobia in black community' & other Monday midday news briefs

How the Morehouse Football Team ruined Dear White People and proved its point - From the author of this piece - 

"I want you to imagine yourself in a dark room with a hundred physically fit men rooting for a hate crime to be perpetrated against a gay man. It was terrifying. It was horrifying. It was depressing. Can you imagine what a kid on that team who was gay would have felt?" 

And what's worse, the gay guy was black and the guy punching him was a white racist. In the words of Samuel Jackson: "this here is some repugnant @#&!" 

Audio: Brian Brown advocates on behalf of pro-equality Democrat, destruction of his own party - Definite sign of the Second Coming of Jesus.  

Top Methodist Court Officially Reinstates Pastor Defrocked For Officiating Son’s Gay Wedding - Awesome news!  

Westboro Baptist Church Files Federal Motion To Defend Anti-Gay Marriage Ban - Oh yeah. THAT will help their case.

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