Friday, March 21, 2014

Judge hands Michigan lgbt community a HUGE victory on marriage and against junk science

In striking down the Michigan law against marriage equality, US District Judge Bernard Freeman actually handed the lgbt community two victories. First, from ABC News:

Michigan's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, a federal judge said Friday as he struck down a law that was widely embraced by voters a decade ago — the latest in a recent series of decisions overturning similar prohibitions across the country.

U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman released his 31-page ruling exactly two weeks after a rare trial that mostly focused on the impact of same-sex parenting on children.

He noted that supporters of same-sex marriage believe the Michigan ban was at least partly the result of animosity toward gays and lesbians.

"Many Michigan residents have religious convictions whose principles govern the conduct of their daily lives and inform their own viewpoints about marriage," Friedman said. "Nonetheless, these views cannot strip other citizens of the guarantees of equal protection under the law."

The decision was filed shortly after 5 p.m. in Detroit, when most county clerk offices were closed. Clerks issue marriage licenses in Michigan.

Attorney General Bill Schuette said he would immediately ask a federal appeals court to freeze Friedman's decision and prevent same-sex couples from marrying while he appeals the case.

Now comes the part which has us wonky lgbts doing the "tootsie roll" while reading our twitter feeds. You will remember that during this trial, University of Texas (Austin) professor Mark Regnerus served as an "expert witness" for the state of Michigan.

'Anti-gay groups want to censor gay families off of television' and other Friday midday news briefs

Check out these three articles (particularly the last one from that vile Matt Barber site BarbWire) to see how anti-gay groups want to censor same-sex families off of television. Honey Maid Crackers shows a commercial featuring a same-sex family and these losers see only sexual intercourse:

Janet Mefferd Upset Honey Maid's Graham Crackers Push 'The Gay Propaganda Machine' 

 AFA's One Million Moms Joins Graham Cracker Boycott  

Video: See What Nabisco Finds ‘Wholesome’ – Hint: It Ain’t Graham Crackers - This particular article is pathetically hilarious because of the following opening passage:
Nabisco is the latest formerly family-friendly company to fall under the curse of moral relativism. In a new commercial for Honey Maid products the company not-so-subtly suggests that 1) sexually immoral male-on-male sodomy, and 2) selfish “gay” men intentionally depriving children of a mother are both somehow “wholesome.” How far America has fallen.

In other news:  

When Black Lesbians Are Killed by Black Men - Easily one of the most poignant and saddest articles you will read in a while.  

Poll Shows Transgender Rights Bill Has Wide Support, While Lawmaker Fears 'Guy In A Dress' (UPDATED) - Oh Good Lord! 

Is there any advocate more disingenuous than a professional 'ex-gay'? - Particularly when that professional "ex-gay" will deliberately cherry-pick scientific information? No.