Monday, June 02, 2014

Illinois couples celebrate first day of legalized marriage equality

The following video is tonic for a tiring day. Marriage equality became officially legal in Illinois yesterday and of course you know what that means - Mass wedding in Chicago!!:

According to the video's description:

On the first day of marriage equality throughout the state of Illinois June 1, 2014, Unity in Chicago hosted "Married in Unity," an all-inclusive, non-denominational group wedding ceremony in the Unity garden at the church. Rev. Heidi Alfrey, the church's senior minister, officiated the ceremony for 40 same- and opposite-sex couples. Among them were couples making commitments without legal documentation and married couples renewing their vows.

Go here to see other videos from this wonderful event.

'Bryan Fischer - gays are our new slavemasters' & other Monday midday news briefs

American Family Association senior analyst says gay activists have brought back slavery, refers to us as 'massa' - I think I'm going to be sick. Being called "massa" by Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is SO not a turn-on!

 Is NOM's March for Marriage an anti-gay event? Let's turn to the facts. - All of the uglies about NOM's upcoming march. Be still your stomach. 
To be gay, Christian and black in Harlem - A fascinating and much needed article. 

 Anti-Gay Uganda Politician Will Soon Preside Over UN General Assembly - Well @%!#&;%!

 I Am Loveworthy: How a Transgender Woman Found Love - You better believe it! ALL of God's children are loveworthy.

Anti-gay activist furious over recognition of lgbt history

We're going to teach our kids and our citizens that homosexuality is a civil rights issue when it's not," he laments. "It's a human misbehavior issue. It's just a sin movement – and we're elevating it to civil rights icon status. . . . I fear for our country, because when a nation starts celebrating sexual immorality as the norm and as a social good, then that nation cannot survive in the long run," he explains. "Every other civilization has been brought down for sexual immorality as part of the factors bringing it down, and I think the United States of America will not be an exception in that regard." - 'Porno' Pete LaBarbera

LaBarbera was reacting to the news that the National Park Service will now be identifying places and events associated with the history of lgbt Americans for inclusion in the parks and programs of the National Park Service as a part of its Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay,  and Transgender Initiative.

Maybe one of these days, people like LaBarbera will recognize that acknowledging lgbt history is not a part of a plot or a "sin movement" (which is a phrase I have NEVER heard before), but a way to recognize that lgbts exists and that we have a diverse history.

But that is the problem with folks like LaBarbera, isn't it? The fact the lgbts exist.