Thursday, February 26, 2015

Washington Post gives the 'skinny' on the anti-gay discrimination wars of 2015

 . . . the fight over gay rights continues in conservative corners of the country, where legislators are advancing laws that would, intentionally or not, ensure that gay people can be refused service, fired or evicted simply for being gay.

There are no national laws protecting against these forms of discrimination, so the matter has been left up to individual communities. A growing list of cities, for instance, are passing gay anti-discrimination ordinances, which has raised the ire of their more conservative state houses.In this year’s legislative session, similar bills in several states are striking back against gay rights.The proposed state laws fall into two categories.

Some are anti-anti-discrimination measures that would prevent a state’s cities or counties from creating protections for gay people. . . . In another, more classic category are laws that would protect people who discriminate against gay people on religious grounds. There has been tremendous legal murkiness concerning when and in which contexts religious rights trump gay rights. These religious freedom bills would have religious rights triumph, always.

Everything You Need To Know About The Gay Discrimination Wars in 2015, The Washington Post

Those who want to celebrate thinking that the lgbt community is about to win marriage equality need to get off their asses. As one war ends, another begins. So it shall be if the religious right and their allies have anything to say about it.

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