Thursday, March 05, 2015

'Pat Robertson: don't attend your gay child's wedding' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Pat Robertson Urges Parents Not To Attend Their Gay Child's Wedding - Pat Robertson's mouth should have a warning sticker emblazoned on it which reads: "contents  will be hazardous to your health, frame of mind, sanity, general well-being, intelligence, etc. etc."  Plainly speaking, even if I happened to be a major homophobe and my child was gay I am STILL going to the wedding COMPLETE with my best "oh no you don't" look for anyone who would dare to stand up when the preacher asks "if anyone objects to this wedding . ."

 'Bathroom bill' to block transgender ordinances passes first hurdle - Oh come on, people!! This is going to be so embarrassing in the future when our descendants discuss how people attempted to keep transgender men and women from using the bathroom in peace. 

Ben Carson’s Carefully Worded Non-Apology On Offensive Prison Rape Remarks - Darn! He apologized too quickly. I prefer stubborn-to-the-point-of-stupidity conservatives. 

Far-Right Pundit: We Need An Anti-Gay Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. - Why stop there? How about a blood-thirsty Mahatma Gandhi or a anti-science Albert Einstein. Perhaps a tacky Coco Chanel? 

 Psychology Today Changes Its Position On Conversion Therapy Ads - THANK YOU! Next time, don't put up such a fight to do the reasonable thing.  

Gay ex-ballplayer has the perfect response to Christian player’s criticism of his ‘lifestyle’ - I applaud Billy Bean for taking the high road here, but I have two questions. What exactly is the "gay lifestyle" because I have yet to get the memo. Also, how come heterosexuals have lives, but lgbts have "lifestlyes?"

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