Tuesday, April 21, 2015

'Anti-gay activist compares marriage equality to segregation' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Roy Moore
Justice Roy Moore compares marriage equality to segregation as he accepts civil rights award - There are NO words vulgar enough for me to express my absolute nausea and disgust over this. By the way, the group giving Moore this award, The Coalition of African-American Pastors, is a known astroturfed group of National Organization for Marriage stooges

Roy Moore Compares Anti-Gay Fight To Resisting Slavery & Segregation - Video footage of the insanity.  

Perkins: Obama 'Has Endangered Our Country And Our Future' By Supporting Marriage Equality - Oh yeah. That will play REAL good in front of the Supreme Court. 

 Adoption 'Conscience Protection' Tabled In Senate - Not the end of this vile anti-gay adoption junk but a good beginning to the end. 

 Anti-Gay Attorney Gene Schaerr Thinks Gay Marriage Will Lead To 900,000 Abortions: VIDEO - That noise you are hearing is the bottom of the barrel being scraped when it comes to reasons to oppose marriage equality. How long will it be before the rest of the anti-gay right repeats this lie?  

Religious Leaders On Same-Sex Marriage: “No One View Speaks For ‘Religion’” - AMEN! Thank you for not allowing the anti-gay evangelical right to bogart the discussion. 

 Irish Kids Encourage Citizens To Vote 'Yes' On Marriage Equality Referendum - Wonderful video which lets you know that while adults have gone crazy, the children are alright because they "get it."

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