Wednesday, April 22, 2015

'Dan Savage knocks down religious right's 'gay friend' meme' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Dan Savage
Dan Savage: Why would Santorum and Huckabee’s ‘imaginary gay friends’ invite them to their wedding? - Thank you Dan Savage for pointing this out. Every time I hear someone try to make up for homophobic statements by citing their so-called "gay friend," I say "yeah, right!" 

NBC News To Air 2-Part 'Transgender Kids' Special - Kudos to NBC for doing this.  

Fox News Distraught That Children Are Learning That Transgender People Exist - Because we have some NASTY SOBs out there deliberately putting out bad information. 

  The anti-gay right can't run forever from its history of bigotry - Reiterating this morning's post. You don't spend YEARS dehumanzing lgbt people and then suddenly claim that we are bullying you.

Assembly Rejects Controversial Transgender Bathroom Bill - The folks who fought to defeat this deserve a HUGE round of applause.

 Legendary Activists in the Fight Against HIV - Speaking of folks deserving HUGE rounds of applause.

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