Monday, May 11, 2015

'Anti-gay study faces MORE scrutiny' & other Monday midday news briefs

Mark Regnerus
The Anti-Equality Movement's Favorite Laughably Disingenuous Talking Point - “Gays and lesbians have a right to live as they choose; they don’t have the right to redefine marriage for all of us.” You just KNOW that's some Maggie Gallagher @#!% 

A “reality check” for the Regnerus study on gay parenting [UPDATED] - Oh this is good. More proof that the Regnerus study was fraudulent. Apparently folks answering the questions in the study were lying. How could Regnerus not have seen this?

 Raul Castro's Daughter Mariela Sponsors Blessing Of Cuban Gay Couples - Good for Cuba! 

 Gay NYC Hotelier Who Hosted Ted Cruz No Longer Sorry, Calls Gays 'Extremists' In New Op-Ed - Awwww poor baby! To me, the real story is that HE gets an op-ed while so many of the rest of us - because we don't have money or influence - gets the shaft. He is HARDLY a victim. But watch how quickly some in the media will portray him as one while ignoring how lgbt children are bullied.

  Tulsa County to pay $300K in fees in same-sex marriage case - Give it up! Turn it loose!

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