Monday, May 18, 2015

'Jeb Bush mistakes 'tolerance' for being a doormat' & other Monday midday news briefs

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush: A ‘tolerant country’ should allow discrimination based upon ‘religious beliefs’ - You ever notice that when folks who don't support lgbt equality talk about gays showing "tolerance," they always seem to mean "don't cry too loud when we stomp all over your rights and dignity."  I mean that's essentially what they are saying - "We will let you exist if you don't respond to all the times that we remind you that we don't want you to exist."

Is It Okay To Refuse Service To A Same-Sex Couple For Religious Reasons? Jeb Bush: ‘Absolutely.’ - More on this nonsense via Think Progress.  

Obama administration: Gambia president’s anti-gay threats ‘unconscionable’ - The president of Gambia threatened to slit the throats of his lgbt constituents. I'm going to remember to cite this the next time the anti-gay right claims that Obama is attempting to "force" homosexuality on the rest of the world. 

 US Christians ‘bankrolling’ no campaign in Ireland’s gay marriage referendum - Watch Ireland, keep your fingers crossed, and remember this article the next time NOM "poor mouths" about not having any money.  

A Bunch Of Guys Flooded A Black Lesbian Facebook Event With Racist Comments - Just some seriously unfunny homophobic crap!  

Seton Hall University Priest Says He Was Fired For Gay Marriage Support - The Silencing!!!

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