Monday, June 08, 2015

Lgbts should exploit the religious right because it's so easy to do

When it comes to good old fashioned strategic warfare, the lgbt community stinks. We really do.

How is it that we can allow anti-gay figures to falsely claim that they have no animus against us, no ignorance against us when we have so much ammunition to choose from?  How is it that folks like Tony Perkins and organizations such as the Family Research Council can even begin an attempt to control the argument in this so-called culture war when at the very least, all we need to do is to raise a stink by making conversations like the following (an old "friend" of ours, Peter LaBarbera being interviewed by VCY America's Crosstalk call-in show) go viral:

Why do we go out of our way to either minimize this as simple ignorance or do something needless such as speculate whether or not LaBarbera is secretly gay when we could be using this conversation to prove animus. Wouldn't it be wonderful to make someone like Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation or even Perkins himself address this junk. But as it is, it is our silence which is preventing us from moving faster in our struggle for equality than we should.

And it's not just LaBarbera. Day in and day out, we are inundated with religious right members, conservative politicians and think-tank minions who say outlandish things about the lgbt community and we hardly ever use their words to rightfully demonstrate their animus.

Perhaps we should get less desensitized to homophobic words and more willing to exploit them.

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