Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Attacks on Planned Parenthood, gays only harms Christianity

"Dr. King said that the end has to be pre-existing in the means. In other words, there's no right way to do the wrong thing. The fact that there are no ethics, there are no scruples, in people who claim to hold the moral high ground and who seek to indict others for offering compassionate care that is accepted in general by the public, it is the ultimate irony. It is the ultimate paradox that you will deceive to bring about truth. I don't understand how that works."

This wonderful passage was a part of a piece recently published by Cosmopolitan magazine and written by Dr. Willie Parker. Parker was defending Planned Parenthood senior director of medical research, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who was recently victimized in a supposed video expose which purported to imply that her organization was making profit off of selling aborted fetuses.

It sounds disgusting, but video was distorted and edited to cast Nucatola as a villain as well as deliberately give the false impression that Planned Parenthood was marketing human tissue from abortions. The organization behind it is one of those right-wing groups dedicated to eliminating a woman's right to an abortion because they feel that abortion is murder and a sin and therefore it is their Christian duty to stop it.

And right on cue, folks such as Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback are demanding investigations into the workings of Planned Parenthood. Across twitter, nasty comments and ugly hashtags against Planned Parenthood are spread by people who claim to be Christians, even though it has been shown to them that the videos in questions are distorted.

And I keep telling myself that I've seen this scenario before - i.e.  supposed Christian groups deliberately lying in the name of God  but this time by either the spread of junk science or the distortion of legitimate science in order to prove a supposed Biblical belief about a group of people along with "Christian" elected officials who create policy based upon these lies.

I should know it well. I've spent eight and a half years fighting it on this blog. It's when so-called Christian groups target the lgbt community with lies to prove the false idea that homosexuality is  a "dangerous lifestyle."

And why? Because according to their religious beliefs, homosexuality is a sin.

But in both cases - the one involving distorted videos of Planned Parenthood and the other involving junk science and distorted studies to defame lgbts -  I have to ask do the groups and individuals creating these false images really think God approves of their actions? Do they think that a lie told in the name of God is somehow a good thing? Does lying in the name of God suddenly make that lie into truth?

I doubt that these individuals will seriously harm Planned Parenthood in the long run and thanks to a lot of intrepid bloggers (myself included), the lies they tell about lgbts don't have as much power as they once did.

However, it saddens me to think how they hurt  Christianity. These deliberately false attacks on Planned Parenthood in the name of God are similar to the ones perpetrated against gays in the name of God. And both attacks will do nothing but depict Christianity as a weapon of lies.

God doesn't like ugly, even when it's supposedly done in His name.

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Connie said...

Ever since The Church first looked at those different (this time left handed folks) they have promoted the idea that anyone who doesn't fit with The Church are to be viewed as not "really" human. This has creating of 'other' has happened too many times to count. Here in 2015 it's gender and sexual identity. The time before was race.

Whenever someone creates an other who is not 'really' human, I believe they think they are free to treat this other as trash. Easy to kill, no need for ethics for trash doesn't understand ethics or even have standards.

I've heard that argument used too many times to continue it here. I just wonder what those who do not treat others with compassion or fairness will say to their deity when their judgment day arrives. I am the least of these and they have not treated me as they would their lord and savior. My vote (if I have a say) is no paradise for you!

I hope the blinders fall from their eyes. I believe they will be filled with horror for the atrocities committed while under the influence of a charismatic preacher filled with prejudice and hate. I hope they can make amends not only to others but to themselves. For the good of all and may it harm none, this is what I pray.