Monday, July 27, 2015

How much of a two-faced hypocrite is the Rev. Franklin Graham? This much . . .

President Obama's recent visit and subsequent statement on the persecution of Kenyan lgbts have caused a lot of talk.

The Rev. Franklin Graham expressed his opinion via Facebook:

Bear in mind that Obama wasn't lecturing anyone. He was simply speaking out against the persecution of lgbts in Kenya; persecution includes a jail sentence up to 14 years for simply being gay, as well as being beaten, raped, or murdered for the same reason.

The fact that a "minister of God" is more concerned with attacking someone who speaks out against  persecution rather than the persecution itself is bad enough. But with that criticism, Graham brought new meaning to the term "hypocrite."  Below the entry chastising is this one from July 25:

I will not play the "Oppression Olympics" here. I refuse to. Kenyan lgbts and Mrs. Bibi are both victims of persecution. There is no difference between the two situations. Except for in Graham's mind.

How can a man who claims to follow Christ speak against one form of persecution (religious) and then turn a blind eye another form. How can a man of Christ actually criticize someone for speaking up for the victims he deliberately ignores?

A better question would be does Franklin feel that lgbt Kenyans deserve to be put in jail, chased by mobs, brutally raped, or murdered because of the so-called sin of homosexuality?

If so, he is NO man of God.  What he should be called is something I will not repeat for the sake of the children and those with sensitive stomachs who read this blog


Erica Cook said...

Many years ago I started looking for documentaries on the history of Christianity. The reason is compound. The first reason is because I am Wiccan, and I believe anyone joining the faith should research as many different religions as possible before choosing it because we believe there is not difference between one religion past the dogma. We are all trying to find the right way to live, and answers to questions.

The second reason isn't so pleasant. I live in the mid-west, and, in my experience, the WBC was the best representation of Christianity I saw. I wanted to understand where all the hate came from, because as far as I could see that was the foundation of the religion. People like this are the reason why I wanted to understand that. What I learned isn't something I think many Christians want to know.

Please understand I do know there are Christians who aren't like that. It's just that I thinks what's good in your religion comes from you, I don't think you got it from your religion. It's the only reason I can think two people can see the very same words and come up with such different ideas.

Gregory said...

Two basic tenets of Christianity make this a very poor choice for anyone. The concept of "original sin" tells every person that they are born evil and sinful. An ugly idea at best. And, their deity requires blood sacrifice as a result - no different than the Mayans and Incans who sacrificed people to their deities. It's time to put these misguided, ugly ideas into the halls of history, and leave them there.

Robert In Seattle said...

"It's just that I thinks what's good in your religion comes from you, I don't think you got it from your religion" - stated beautifully.

I was raised in a very Irish catholic home but am now wiccan too. I try to live by the motto of "harm to none." Religion is definitely not defined as such.

Mickey Bitsko said...

Long time atheist, first time poster here. I have to disagree with some of the other comments. This isn't about Franklin's religious beliefs; it's about protecting and projecting his brand.If Franklin Graham had a vision in his sleep tonight wherein Zoroaster promised him a Swiss bank account the size of Scrooge McDuck's vaults, with the caveat that Franklin preached from on high about a forty-five foot styrofoam statue of Woody Allen, he'd be shouting the supreme moral virtues of "Annie Hall" from the mountaintops.

On second thought, maybe that's what religion comes down to?

Joe Schmoe said...

The bible is so contradictory that the "nice" christians and the Fred Phelps of the world can both find what they are looking for. And they ignore what doesn't fit their worldview.

I tried to reconcile those contradictions and failed in a most spectacular manner. The childhood indoctrination was destroyed in an instant.