Monday, July 20, 2015

'Where does Huckabee stand on the 'religious liberty' of hospitals?' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Does Huckabee think hospitals should be able to use religion to turn people away?

Mike Huckabee: Gay Marriage 'Violates Nature And Nature's God' - Chalk it up to either Mike Huckabee getting carried away when being interviewed by a friendly source when it comes to his ignoring SCOTUS on its marriage equality decision or me being paranoid, but in the context of marriage equality and lgbt rights in general, why is he mentioning hospitals when it comes so-called religious liberty? I'm curious to know where does Huckabee stand when it comes to hospitals possibly denying potential patients and using "religious liberty" as an excuse.  We seriously need some clarification here:

" . . .You can reverse the executive orders as it relates to how the president has said you’re going to make this a mandatory issue throughout federal government but you also instruct the attorney general to defend religious liberty and the rights of people of faith and conscience whether they’re business owners acting as individuals, whether they’re hospitals, churches, schools, adoption agencies. It doesn’t matter what it is. That no one’s religious liberty will be trampled upon because they refuse to bow to something that violates nature and nature’s God. Words, that by the way, I borrowed right out of the Declaration of Independence. . ."

Republicans In Iowa Compare The Fight Against Slavery To The Fight Against Gay Marriage - There they go again. Republicans are incredibly skilled at the use of language to influence the populace. However, I really don't think the slavery connotation is going to help them here.

Indiana-Style Bill Promoting Anti-Gay Discrimination Gains Steam In Congress - It's called the First Amendment Defense Act and it's a load of junk.  

Veterans Kicked Out Of The Military Because They Are Gay May Get Help From Democrats' New Bill - Now THIS bill is a wonderful idea as opposed the one above. 

 Former Pastor Suggests Christians Should Fight Gay Rights With Guns - He's a fool but pay attention to his reasons why he holds his positions. The anecdotal stories didn't come from him. They came from anti-gay groups like the Family Research Council and right-wing organizations such as the Heritage Foundation. It only takes one fool to be emboldened by one lie . . .

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