Friday, August 28, 2015

'Anti-gay activist needs $25,000 to promote unnecessary law' & other Fri midday news briefs

Jonathan Saenz
Anti-LGBT activist who was ditched for another woman wants $25,000 to promote ‘pastor protection law’ - Uh pastors are NOT forced to marry gay couples. But if people want to waste $25,000, I would suggest they send it to me. 

Calgary Driver Says He'll Quit If Forced To Drive Pride Bus - Hey Kim Davis, take some notes. Even though I really don't understand his problem. Sounds like a fun bus.

CNN's Bizarrely Homophobic Coverage Of The Virginia Shooter - I am not saying a word. If I start raising hell over this situation, I won't be able to stop cursing. Just read this wonderful piece by Carlos Maza.

 How a Kentucky Clerk Became an Ultimate Symbol of Bigotry - I have to disagree with Michelangelo Signorile here. If Kim Davis faces any jail time for her illegal actions, the right may view it as a victory which they can exploit, but ultimately it will be a serious loss. As I said yesterday, if she had a private business, she would have more leverage. However, folks aren't exactly on the side of a government official who has decided that she will NOT do her job AND deserves to get paid taxpayer money for the "privilege."

  Rafael Cruz: 'The Devil Overplayed His Hand' With SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision - Don't be alarmed, Rafael. The devil still has your crazy behind talking.

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