Friday, August 14, 2015

'Glenn Beck wants to stop Texas county schools from banning anti-gay discrimination' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck wants to stop Texas county schools from banning anti-LGBT discrimination - Glenn Beck is making personal steps to stop Texas schools from protecting lgbts from discrimination and he is inviting his followers to join him. OH GOD!  

Priest tells kids: Gays having anal sex same as ‘cramming a bagel in your ear’ - If folks are concerned about children learning about sex too early, they should stop bothering gay folks and keep people like this priest away from children.  

Kentucky clerk's 'Christian' counsel was named anti-gay hate group - Post from this morning. Highly important. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who is defying a judge's order to issue licenses to married couples is being represented by an anti-gay hate group. Religious liberty my tuckus!

Colorado appeals court backs gay couple in wedding cake dispute - Just in case you didn't hear, the false argument of "religious liberty" failed again. 

 STUDY: Houston Media Help Misrepresent Equal Rights Ordinance - Because talking about "men in women's restrooms" is a HOT angle no matter how false it is. 

 Dobson's Dire Warning: Gay Marriage Ruling Will Destroy Christianity And America - Yes, Mr. Dobson. Tell us for the one-trillionth time how marriage equality is a plot to recruit churches, put children into jail and destroy . . I mean recruit children, put Christians in jail, and destroy the church. It's not like you haven't said that SO MANY TIMES BEFORE.

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