Friday, August 28, 2015

It is time that the lgbt community shift this so-called culture war and put anti-gay liars on the run

This booklet is key for lgts to put the anti-gay right on the defensive.

It's the weekend, which means I will now engage in shameless self-promotion.

As most of you are aware - and probably tired of me mentioning - in 2013, I authored a free online booklet on anti-gay propaganda, How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America.

To the right are two places where you can read and download it free of charge.

However, I would suggest that you try the new adobe acrobat site. It brings you directly to the booklet, where you can also read, save, and share it free of charge.

My booklet exposes::

How false claims about the lgbt community haven’t changed in over the past 30 years,

The constant flow of researchers and physicians who complain that anti-gay groups distort their work to denigrate the lgbt community,

The simple fact that there is no cohesion in the accusations anti-gay groups make against the lgbt community (i.e. how can lgbts be sad, pathetic people if they make more money than the “regular population” or “recruit” children, control Hollywood, but yet have time to engage in lots of sexual intercourse),

And what the lgbt community, and our media, should be doing to make the public more aware of how anti-gay groups exploit religious beliefs about lgbts in order to peddle their lies.

And with marriage equality now a reality,  this booklet is needed.  Our opposition is slowly transforming themselves to the so-called victims of an alleged onslaught of gays seeking to maliciously destroy their way of life.

It's a false narrative aided by the fact that there has been little to no attention on their past exploits to reduce lgbt lives to caricatures of over-sexed, diseased monsters.

The general media will do very little to correct this narrative. That's an unfortunate, but well-known fact. And I hate to say it, but our own media, too busy with topographical cultural icons and somewhat annoying arguments over academic terms having little or nothing to do with the actualities of lgbt lives are derelict in calling these people out.

That is now our job- the ordinary lgbt citizen who merely wants to live our lives in peace. We must take it upon ourselves to call out, educate, and demand the truth be told.

Don't let anti-gay groups like the Liberty Counsel exploit willful idiots like Kentucky clerk Kim Davis without reminding the world about their history of vile homophobia.

Don't let groups like the Family Research Council seize the narrative on what is the true definition of Christianity without demanding that they give an account on their distortions of legitimate science.

And don't let anti-gay groups and personalities plot and plan their next move against our God-given equality unscathed without letting them know that we know every move they make and every lie they tell because we have studied their past techniques.

THIS BOOKLET is the first step. It is the primary step and hopefully it won't be the last into shifting this so-called culture battle into one from lgbts having to constantly explain our existence to our opposition FINALLY explaining their long oxymoronic history of lies and propaganda done in God's name.

The new site to read, download, save, and send out How They See Us is here. Take advantage of it. In less than a month, it has reached over 10,000 reads. Let's make the second 10,000 in a shorter time.

I hope that my booklet is just the beginning and that someone else publishes a better tome free of elitist academic language and embraces the commonality of simple truth-telling and how it can inspire a community.

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