Monday, August 17, 2015

'Senate confirms first openly gay black federal judge' & other Mon midday news briefs

Judge Darrin Gayles makes LGBT, Black history.
Editor's note - It turns out the item I posted on Judge Gayles took place last year. I'm still going to keep it up. Even us bloggers are allowed to make mistakes every now and then.

Florida’s attorney general won’t pay legal fees after losing fight against same-sex marriage - So FL Attorney General Pam Bond thinks the state doesn't have to reimburse the lawyers who represented gay couples in the state's losing case against marriage equality. Humph! She gonna learn today. 

US Senate unanimously confirms first openly gay black federal judge - Another milestone for lgbts of color, which I WILL be referring to during Black History and LGBT History months.

 Detroit Police Plan LGBT Outreach After Another Trans Murder Victim Is Identified - This needs to happen and not just in Detroit and definitely NOT after murders.

Flashback - Chairman of anti-gay KY clerk's counsel allegedly lied to Congress in 2014 - This morning's post. It must nice be able to lie to Congress, get away with it, and STILL have a degree of credibility as a moral, religious organization.
 How An Alaska Lawmaker Is Trying To Sneak Anti-LGBT Discrimination Into The Law - Just try us, fool. 

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