Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The best of anti-gay rants at council meetings

Have you all ever noticed that when there are public testimony at meetings regarding lgbt-inclusive ordinances, those supporting the ordinances are always on their best behavior while the other side have at least one, two, (or three) folks who are - for the lack of a better word - way out there?

That thought ran through my mind when I read about the following via Raw Story:

A failed U.S. Senate candidate known for speaking in tongues spoke out against LGBT rights in a wacky, tampon-waving address to city officials in Anchorage. Kathleen Tonn, the former Republican candidate, carried a briefcase stuffed with props and wore a wool hat and flannel sweatshirt Tuesday night to the meeting of the Anchorage assembly, which is considering an LGBT rights ordinance, reported the Joe My God blog.

Eh, I'm not impressed. I personally think some of the below rank higher on the weirdoshitometer

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