Friday, October 16, 2015

Anti-gay hate group doubles down on clueless defense of Rand Paul's homophobia

Sen. Rand Paul
Yesterday, I posted how presidential candidate, Sen. Rand Paul made an ignorant comment conflating being gay to strictly sexual behavior in answer to a question about lgbt equality:

"I think, really, the things you do in your house, just leave those in your house and they wouldn't have to be a part of the workplace, to tell you the truth,  . . .I think society is rapidly changing and that if you are gay, there are plenty of places that will hire you."

I also pointed out that while he is being justifiably criticized for his absolutely ridiculous comment dehumanizing lgbts lives and familes, Paul has been attempting - and failing - to backtrack and clarify. At the same time, the anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council has been defending him exploiting his original comments as an ongoing part of its continued mission to demonize lgbts.

Today, FRC continues to double down on its clueless "defense," thereby continuing to keep the issue in the limelight:

 . . .Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who took an outspoken position against gender confusion bills, is being blasted by the media and a handful of college kids. According to a Des Moines newspaper, some students left the speech where Paul urged people to leave their sex lives at home and started peeling Rand Paul 2016 bumper stickers off their cars.

"I thought, 'What century does this guy live in?'" said one LGBT activist. "He exhibited such bias, real homophobia and transphobia," she said. All Senator Paul suggested is leaving employers alone to make the decisions that are best for their businesses -- not what's best for the gender confused. And somehow conservatives are the intolerant ones? It's ironic. Liberals want to be free to visit the public restroom of their choice, but they don't want to extend that freedom to people to express their choice in public policy!

If I didn't despise FRC so much, I would give the group props for audacity. As you can see in above comments by its president, Tony Perkins, FRC is attempting to tie Paul's statement with the fight in Houston to keep the city's pro-lgbt ordinance as law. And like all other anti-gay groups when talking about lgbt equality laws, FRC has reduced the ordinance to unproven fears about the transgender community as bathroom predators.

It's kinda sad how the vile can attempt to make the vile sound reasonable rather than the bigoted hogwash that it is.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton rubbed salt in the wound by a simple but stunning tweet to Paul

Say what you will about Hilary Clinton, that was pretty damn cool. And if I were Paul, I would have a serious talk with FRC. I don't forsee him gaining any advantage in his faltering campaign with this controversy. The more the organization "defends" him, the harder it is for him to recover the controversy.


Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Anarchists like himself and his dad don’t believe in protection from discrimination for ANY class of people (supposedly), but I lost all respect for his dad, Ron Paul, when he used anti-gay talking points to make his case against ENDA, one of the last times around. I’d say ‘like father like son’ is the case here, but not understanding that ANYONE bringing their sex life to work is grounds for dismissal on its own is just plain childish.

Patrick Fitzgerald said...

“FRC has reduced the ordinance to unproven fears about the transgender community as bathroom predators.”

I ran across these on FB the other day, ROFLMAO:

1) Red Durkin
October 9 at 1:03am

“I really, really, really hate to be the one who has to point this out, but the fight to keep trans women from having safe access to gender appropriate facilities is founded on the dubious premise that a man has to dress up in drag and sneak around like a Scooby-Doo villain to commit sexual assault in this country.”
2) Red Durkin
October 9 at 8:55pm

“If a man wants to get away with sexual assault in America, he doesn't have to put on a dress and sneak into the women's restroom. He just has to join a frat or a band or professional/semi-professional sports team or the police department or get promoted to manager at Wendy's or own his own business or go to a bar, stand on the street corner, go into a grocery store, star in a movie or sitcom, go to school with a woman, work with a woman, go on a date with a woman, live next door to a woman, deny the charges after the fact or, generally speaking, do anything EXCEPT disguise the fact that he's a man in America.”