Wednesday, October 28, 2015

GOP presidential candidate's father - LGBTs want to legalize pedophilia

Who else but Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz:

The above video comes from the duo efforts of Right Wing Watch and Political Research Associates:

Ted Cruz’s father and campaign surrogate Rafael Cruz addressed today’s convening of the anti-LGBT World Congress of Families in Salt Lake City, where he told one attendee following his remarks that one of the goals of the LGBT community is to legalize pedophilia. The elder Cruz, who has previously claimed that gay members of the Boy Scots are “potential sexual predators” and criticized gay rights as a demonic, dangerous and anti-American agenda, said in a video posted by Political Research Associates that “the thing that they’re going to push is to try to legalize pedophilia.” He made the comments while speaking to J. Lester Feder of BuzzFeed News, who asked him about similar statements he had made linking the gay rights movement to pedophilia earlier that day. When the questioner asked if he thought “the LGBT community is going to push that,” Cruz replied, “Yes I believe so.” PRA told us that the question initially posed to Cruz was: “During the panel, several speakers alluded to a connection between LGBT people and pedophilia. Do you think that’s true?” 

And it gets better. According to Feder, WCF attempted to distance itself from Cruz's statements:

 In a statement, Janice Shaw Crouse, the executive director for the World Congress for Families IX, distanced the organization from Cruz’s remarks, writing, “While Pastor Cruz’s remarks may represent his opinions, they are not those of the World Congress of Families. Collectively, the World Congress of Families’ agenda advocates for life and the natural family in a civil, constructive and transparent way.”

The grand irony of this incident is that yesterday, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins and FRC spokesman Peter Sprigg were claiming that lgbts want to "silence" the WCF conference.

Are they kidding? I haven't had this much fun spotlighting the anti-gay right in a long time. Let them talk some more.

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