Thursday, November 19, 2015

'Say you love America, or shut up!'

Let me just preface that I do NOT condone any type of violence. However, I consider the following clip as a stress reliever.

The Fox News network has practically bent over backwards to demonize lgbts, undermine Obama, and now fan the flames of hysteria against the Syrian refugees. The network is clearly out of control and has gotten to the point where, while in the past I have watched the following clip privately and laughed my ass off,  I am now posting it publicly on my blog because I know so many other folks need a stress reliever from that God-awful network.

The following clip is from the Adult Swim show The Boondocks. This episode, Return of the King, deals with a dream had by the main character, Hughie (he's the little boy at the end. When you see him, you'll know) in which Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. was actually not assassinated but put into a coma.  He comes out of the coma and attempts to revive a civil rights movement. This includes an appearance on a program which looks like Fox News (beginning at 19 seconds).

Watching what happens next is MY dream and guilty pleasure:

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Erica Cook said...

You can't find Boondocks where I'm at. Not the show or the strip. Unless its on a satellite show I don't know about. It was in our news paper like 6 years ago for less than a year. Then I think the... Well, the people who would watch Fox realized it was a little too honest for their tastes. Miss it. I thought the family was cool.