Monday, November 30, 2015

What the anti-gay right hides about religious liberty

Let's start this Monday off with a lesson in simplicity. Sometimes we allow our issues to get so complicated that the most important points become missing throughout the tangent mess.

For example, let's take the argument of "religious liberty."  When the religious right says:

"It's time to stand up and exercise that freedom, whether it's in the workplace, whether it's in school, whether it's in the public square as a public official or in our homes, in our churches. Everywhere there is air, there must be religious freedom, and we must exercise it." - Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

There is a war on religious liberty! And this war is not targeting people of the Muslim faith or the Jewish faith or the Hindu faith. This war on religious liberty is targeting people of the Christian faith. . . The time has come for all of us to stand together with one voice!” Starnes insisted. “They may demand to know the content of our prayers, they may try to shut down our bakeries, they may try to silence our voices, but we will not be silenced! We will not be intimidated!” - Todd Starnes, Fox News personality

Homofascists trample religious liberty, freedom of association, shred what's left of Constitution. - Bryan Fischer, American Family Association

They ultimately mean this:

It's really quite simple.

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Keir said...

Does this mean I can reserve the right to refuse services to homophobic dumb-asses? It's part of my religious beliefs.