Wednesday, December 09, 2015

'The victims of 'religious liberty'' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

 We Were Turned Away on What Should Have Been Our Happiest Day Because We're a Same-sex Couple - This wonderful post underscores what we need to do when it comes to the bogus religious liberty argument. The religious right bogarts time focusing on those who discriminate, painting them as the victims when they are not. We need more lgbt couples telling THEIR stories of how they were discriminated against and how this discrimination is an attack on their rights and dignity. 

FRC: 'Sexual Radicals' Are Coming After 'Your Family' - Lovely! Tis the season to fundraise by demonizing lgbts. For the Family Research Council's information, we are not after families. We just want Judy Garland's birthday to be declared an international holiday . . . 

 911 Audio: Hotel Manager Reports Guest For Being Transgender - Hot mess and a half!!

 LGBT and Allied Community Dominates Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations - In the nominations which are the precursors to the Oscars, lgbt-themed movies did well. Of course I'm not satisfied, but it's a start.

 Law Created To 'Protect' Magistrates From Marrying Same-Sex Couples Now Target Of Federal Lawsuit - Things just got interesting in North Carolina!

 This Man Is Challenging Jamaica’s Ban On Homosexuality - Kudos to this brave man.

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steevee said...

It would've been nice if the actresses from TANGERINE - who, unlike Eddie Redmayne, actually are transgender - got SAG nominations as well. Plus, TANGERINE is a much better film than THE DANISH GIRL.