Monday, February 29, 2016

'Seattle anti-transgender protest backfires big time' & other Mon midday news briefs

Sam Smith wins Oscar, makes error in speech, lgbts declare war.

Editor's note - Lighten up on Sam Smith. So he made a serious faux pas in lgbt history when accepting his Oscar. The criticism he is receiving from some seems to be from that same mindset that says when a celebrity comes out, he or she is automatically a perfect spokesperson for lgbt equality. By that same note, not every lgbt celebrity know their gay history. Perhaps if we spent more time educating our folks on the entirety of lgbt history instead of being catty when someone gets something wrong

No, Transgender Protections Do Not Justify Men In Women’s Restrooms. A State Agency Just Said So. - Chronicle of an anti-transgender protest which backfired big time. 

 Meet The People Fighting Homophobia And Transphobia In Africa - The bravest of them all are those who fight for what's right even though it may cost them their lives. THESE brothers and sisters in Africa are amongst those people.  

Sam Smith's vague, inaccurate Oscars acceptance speech was a missed opportunity - Sam Smith wins an Oscar, makes a serious error, isn't eloquent or doesn't mention some folks specifically, and the community gets bitchy. See my comment above. I don't blame Smith, but the vicious infatuation with celebrity which grips my fellow lgbts.  

Trump Once Again Embraces Anti-Gay, Anti-Catholic Pastor Robert Jeffress - Lie down with dogs . . . never mind. I won't insult dogs.  

Va. Senate approves religious freedom bill - Siiiigh. Indiana learned, Georgia is learning. Virginia gon' learn.

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