Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bryan Fischer's latest rant transcends the very definitions of homophobia and hate

THIS RANT from anti-lgbt American Family Association's Bryan Fischer goes beyond almost everything he has said against the lgbt community in the past. It deserves a place by itself in the pantheon of homophobia. Fischer perfectly captures the religious entitlement, the ignorance, and the self-righteous mean-spirited cluelessness which has gone into the creation of the recent spate of anti-lgbt laws masquerading as "public safety" bathroom bills and "religious liberty" bills.

Just start calling him an liability to the anti-lgbt right:

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch. Go there to read what caused Fischer to go ballistic.

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Keir said...

Fischer says homosexuals are driven by hate. It's like the early 20th British calling Gandhi a violent imperialist.