Wednesday, May 11, 2016

'NC school board member suggests pepper spray to harm transgender kids in bathrooms' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Such is the way of hysteria.

N.C. School Board Member Encourages Students to Pepper Spray Trans Classmates - No fudging about it. He said this regarding the nonsense about fearing transgender folks using the bathrooms. 

 Anti-transgender law cited in allowing NC high schoolers to carry Mace, pepper spray on campus - More info about the situation.

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Lynch garners praise for defending transgender Americans - As well she should. Her speech was truly historic.

 Alabama drag queen is suspended chief justice’s worst nightmare - Girlfriend is giving Roy Moore all sorts of HELL. Damn, I am so jealous!!!

 A Timeline of (Nearly) Every LGBT Couple in TV History - Fascinating. Did they leave any out? 

 Gov. McCrory's HB2 Will Cost North Carolina $5 Billion a Year, New Study Finds - Siiigh! Some people have to learn fairness the HARD WAY.  

Major Counseling Organization Protests Tennessee’s Anti-LGBT Counseling Law - Meanwhile . . .

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