Wednesday, May 11, 2016

NC school board rethinking pepper spray issue, member apologizes for HB2 comment

No pepper spray for NC students

It's wonderful what a little attention will do to change the minds of the ignorant.

From Buzzfeed:

A school board in North Carolina, which voted to adopt a policy allowing pepper sprays in high schools, is now “rethinking” its decision after feedback from the community, a board member told BuzzFeed News Wednesday.The Rowan-Salisbury Board voted Monday to amend its policy prohibiting high school students from carrying pepper sprays on campus, the Salisbury Post first reported. However, Chuck Hughes, a board member who voted in favor of the policy, told BuzzFeed News he will personally vote against it in the next session on May 23, after he realized that the “cons far outweighed the pros.” He also said that “many board members” he had talked to “will think this over again.” 

Hughes also apologized for linking this issue to the controversial HB2 and the transgender community:

During Monday’s session, Hughes was reported to come out in favor of allowing sprays citing HB2 concerns. According to the Salisbury Post, he said, “Depending on how the courts rule on the bathroom issues, it may be a pretty valuable tool to have on the female students if they go to the bathroom, not knowing who may come in.”Hughes backtracked Wednesday, telling BuzzFeed News that his comments were “inappropriate” and that they had nothing do with the LGBT community.

“I was not thinking about the LGBT issue,” Hughes said. “Perverts and pedophiles taking advantage of this law in bathrooms was my major concern.” 

Have it your way, as long as you apologized. Score one for the side of decency and common sense. Now if Gov. McCrory would get his head out of his tookis, we can really have a victory.


Don Kalo Vallarino said...

Here in Dc all bathrooms are unisex in the Metro, the end of the line at the Silver Line has 4 same sex bathrooms and no one makes stupid comments and everyone waits patiently. The church in downtown DC where the Pope went has unizex bathrooms and no one makes comments about it. Some Catholic churches in Virginia have unisex bathrooms that I know off. So what is the thing over there, sickness and morbosity. There are some restaurants in Georgetown that have unisex bathrooms and I told someone that people from North Carolina could not use those bathrooms and they just enjoyed it. Male & female company. lol AMDG

Patrick Fitzgerald said...

"Perverts and pedophiles taking advantage of this law in bathrooms was my major concern."

And this is the first time he's envisioned men using laws to accost women?