Monday, June 20, 2016

Anti-lgbt hate group leader asks for prayers before meeting with Trump

Wildmon wants prayers before Trump meeting

This week, GOP presidential candidate Donald (the gays love me) Trump is set to meet with members of the religious right. From this meeting, Trump is hoping to gain their support and these groups are hoping to gain a candidate whom they think will help them with their endeavors (putting the kibosh on lgbt equality being the number one goal).

It's going to be interesting, no doubt, Tim Wildmon,  head of the anti-lgbt hate group American Family Association, already sent out an email call for prayer:

I have accepted an invitation to meet tomorrow (Tuesday) with presidential candidate Donald Trump in New York. Along with other pro-family, Christian leaders, we have a great opportunity to communicate our values to Mr. Trump to make sure our voices and positions are heard. I would appreciate your prayers, asking God to give me the opportunity to share our Christian position on life, marriage, religious liberty and national security with Mr. Trump. This is not an endorsement of the candidate, but a sincere effort to let him know that America can only be great again if government returns to the Biblical values held by our nation's founders. Thank you in advance for praying for me and for the influence of American Family Association.

I've  heard that devils could use Scripture for their own nefarious purposes, but this is the first time I've ever heard of them asking folks to pray.  If they are staking hopes on Trump, perhaps they really need it.

It doesn't mean I, or anyone else with good sense, should give it to them, though
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