Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Franklin Graham proves he is part of the problem which led to Orlando tragedy

After all that's been said about the Orlando tragedy, the following by Franklin Graham on his Facebook page is just sad:

Isn't it just like Graham to get the entire situation wrong. For the record,  Trump gave an absolutely vile speech which was filled with inaccuracies and panned for its nonsensical demagoguery across all corners.

I'm really not surprised about Graham. Last year, he was defending Russia's anti-gay laws.

According to The Advocate, Graham reportedly said the following:

“I very much appreciate that President Putin is protecting Russian young people against homosexual propaganda,” Graham told Russian newspaper Moskoviskij Komsomolets, according to a translation by Right Wing Watch. “If only to give them the opportunity to grow up and make a decision for themselves. Again, homosexuals cannot have children, they can take other people’s children.”

Earlier this year, he said gay Christians were "the enemy."

And those are just two of the many nasty statements he made demonizing the lgbt community.

Graham has deluded himself and his supporters into thinking that he is a man of God. In truth, he is nothing more than a vulture whose false piety unfortunately blinds  many people when he swoops down to feed.

His statements of condemnation and irrationality provide no comfort or truth. They only fill his already grotesquely bloated ego on the pain and sadness of the  lgbt community.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!

You know, when I was little I heard his father preach. I don't remember him being so hate filled.
Maybe that was just youth on my part, you know, the world didn't seem to be on fire then.
But Franklin and his sister seem to only want one kind of people in this world, their own kind period.
I also have a feeling that if someone of their own ilk had done this, well, we wouldn't be having a letter to the President for starters.......


Lymis said...

Of course, even if the statements weren't so inaccurate as to be laughable, as usual, he gets it completely wrong.

"Obama" (who, of course, personally writes all non-discrimination ordinances in the country, not), may have said that it was wrong for someone running a public business to discriminate against their potential patrons, but he did NOT extend that to any sort of condemnation of Christianity, or Christians in general, or claim that a solution to the problem would be to prevent all Christians from entering the country.

Trump, on the other hand, not only ignores the fact that these have mostly been American citizens, not visitors or immigrants, so a ban on all Muslims entering the country wouldn't have stopped them, but also, by the very fact of saying that the solution is to ban all Muslims, implies that all Muslims are in fact the problem.

Rob said...

But, but, but.... He is willing to temporarily put aside his animosity towards the LGBT communities in order to go after Pres. Obama and Muslims. Shouldn't that count for something?