Monday, August 01, 2016

Trump's team got Khan smear from man who says Jesus will kill gays

Theodore Shoebat

Unless you have been in suspended animation, you know that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump took valuable time away from campaigning to engage in a war of words with Khizr Khan, the Gold Star Muslim father of  U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan who was killed in 2004 in Iraq. Khan totally shamed Trump in a speech during last week's DNC convention because of Trump's constant demonization of the Muslim community.

Instead of allowing the incident to pass with a generic comment accepting Khan's opinion, Trump has allowed his ego to dictate a fruitless war of words against Khan and his family, thereby demonstrating himself to be an absolute monster with no impulse control.

And it gets worse.

Trump's team and supporters are smearing Khan - and his late son - as terrorists. Naturally, this is causing Trump to be hit with criticism from all sides, as well he should.

Thanks to The Daily Beast, we now know where Trump's team got this smear:

At 10:40 on Sunday evening, a long-time adviser to Donald Trump tweeted that Khizr Khan—the gold star father who’s emerged as one of the candidate’s most effective critics—was an “agent” of an Islamist cabal. It’s an opinion, less than a day later, that’s become an article of faith to many in Trumpworld. It’s also the product of the fevered imagination of Theodore “Shoebat,” the pseudonymous conspiracy theorist and Islamophobe who has made a career of spreading nonsense. That is, when he’s not calling himself a “proud fascist.” His dad and fellow conspiracy-monger, Walid, isn’t much better. He swears that Zika is a punishment from God, and likens homosexuality to cannibalism.

Theodore Shoebat is known to many of us watchdogs of anti-lgbt propaganda. His statements are so vile they have to been seen and heard to be believed.

And Shoebat is not shy about publicly sharing his homophobia. Such as when he said Jesus is going to kill all gays when He returns:

Then there were his comments about the Orlando Massacre (which I should give an extreme trigger warning about):

And let's not forget the time that he said SWAT teams should break into the homes of gay couples and take their children:

If you go to People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch and googled their names in the search engine, you would discover that Shoebat, and his father, have made other equally vile and outrageous statements against the lgbt community,  Muslims, women who have abortions, and others who don't measure up to their so-called religious beliefs.

In a normal reality, Shoebat and his father would be dismissed as a twisted oddballS.  But in a Donald Trump reality, they are  seen as a credible sources of information.

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Melissa Johnson said...

This Shoebat guy is a douche and clearly does NOT understand the teaching and message of Jesus Christ. I will take the word of the author of this article about the vile things posted in Shoebat's youtube rantings. I will NOT add to views he already has because I don't want him to think he has a large audience to continue spewing hate.