Tuesday, January 10, 2017

'Religious right leaders thrilled that Dept. of Justice 'will no longer be obsessed with this civil rights issue'' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Editor's note -  The hearing of Sen. Jeff Sessions to be the next Attorney General is happening this morning. It has been interesting, particularly what he said about marriage equality. He tried to be general but I don't think he answered the question. If anything, it may give us a clue as to how religious right groups will attempt to dial it back. There will be more on that later. I'm guessing that since the GOP is the majority of the Senate, he will get through. However, do not despair. He is just a player put in place. He is neither the game nor the end of the game.

Jordan Sekulow: Under Sessions, DOJ Will No Longer Be ‘Obsessed With This Civil Rights Issue’ - Okay this makes NO sense. But these are the Sekulows who, for those who don't know, have made an obscenely large amount of money suing in the name of Jesus. Apparently they missed the story about Jesus and the rich man. 

A day in the life after you've been kicked out for being LGBTQ - A sad occurrence which needs more attention paid to it.

 Anti-lgbt hate group caught in lie about incident in MA public restroom - My post from this morning demonstrating how the American Family Association lied when smearing the transgender community for a recent incident in Massachusetts.

Kerry apologizes for past LGBT discrimination at State Department - We needed to hear this even though it took so @#$! long!

The White House LGBT Liaison Is Worried Trump Will Scrap The Position - If we hear that Trump tries to do this, we should make lots of noise. We need this White House Liasion.

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John Powell said...

Be ready, friends and neighbors. Those in power look ready to Double Down on their efforts against us. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Seems to me we are now being forced into a position of Wait-And-See.

We will have to Wait-And-See how the new Cabinet members handle their new authority.

We will have to Wait-And-See how much of the progress of the past is dismantled.

We will have to Wait-And-See if there will even be a voice for us in the White House.

This does not mean, however, that we can, or should, sit quietly and accept the setbacks that are likely to, and probably will, occur.