Thursday, February 02, 2017

'Anti-lgbt 'religious freedom' EO would harm lgbt youth & same-sex families' & other Thur. midday briefs

Trump's anti-lgbt executive order would harm same-sex families physically and psychologically

One thing which sticks in my craw about that possible anti-lgbt "religious freedom" executive order is how our side isn't fully expressing how devastating it would be. It would not only codify anti-lgbt discrimination into law but it also would send an awful message to our most vulnerable - lgbt children and children who are members of same-sex families.

Much like segregation did to African-American children (and this was tested and proven), an executive order allowing people to discriminate against lgbts would send an awful message to lgbt children and children in same-sex households that they and their families are inferior and aren't deserving of rights or respect. I refuse to believe any true Christian would support this.

That's why I have one eye open on this below:

And I'm not the only one:

Why LGBTQ Advocates Are Scared, Despite What The White House Says - Cause we don't trust Trump and we shouldn't.

In other news:

 Legislation Targeting Transgender Students Pulled in South Dakota - It ain't all bad news, luckily. Good for South Dakota.  

How France’s Nationalist Party Is Winning Gay Support - How is this racist party doing it? Same way Trump and company tried to in America. Attack the Muslim community. Sigh!!!  

Trump defends professional bigot Milo Yiannopoulos after Fox News tells him to - Right wing on one side, "professional anarchists" on the other leave the students trying to peacefully protest in the middle of an ugly incident. And Milo Y. on the side counting the money like Willie Dynamite's "bottom bitch."

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