Monday, February 06, 2017

'Lady Gaga delivers subversive message to lgbts during SuperBowl performance' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Lady Gaga Gave A Subtle Nod To The LGBTQ Community During Her Super Bowl Performance - I did not watch last night's Superbowl but I did see Lady Gaga's halftime performance and noticed her shout out to us. I don't see it as getting bread crumbs. I see it as appropriate, however subtle or subversive some may term it. She was telling plain truth.  

Claims of ‘Homosexual Agenda’ Help Kill Hate Crimes Laws in 5 States - Even in South Carolina. They have no problem protecting race and religion under hate crimes legislation, but God forbid lgbts are included.

 Pence dodges on anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ executive order - Uh yes you had better dodge. Have Trump sign that mess and see what happens . . .  

How Doctors’ Offices—and Queer Culture—Are Failing Autistic LGBTQ People - Articles like this are very important.

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